Whale Knife D (Rorqual Whale)

Whale Knife D (Rorqual Whale)


These whale knives are handmade with the traditional craft of Tosa-Uchi in the Kōchi Prefecture. The blades are made using a method known as jiyu tanzo or free-forging with an exceptional laminated edge and are renown for their durability and functionality. Coming in two playful shapes of a sperm whale and a bryde’s whale, these craft knives are perfect for your desk for sharpening pencils and opening letters. They can also be used as fruit knives or cheese knives or for whittling and light woodworking. 

Dimensions: 16 x 3.5cm

Material: Iron

Place of Origin: Kochi, Japan

Instructions for care: Wash with water after use and dry straight after.

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