Bath Mat

Bath Mat

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Made from Washi paper and fibres of the Kumazasa plant with traditional low speed weaving methods, this lightweight bath mat has a subtle texture that exfoliates the feet. Known for its absorbency and durability as well as its deodorising properties, the natural antibacterial properties of the organic blend of materials keeps the bath mat fresh and dry.
Washi is a resourceful material with properties of humidity control, insulation and UV protection while Kumazasa leaves are known as a natural preservative, often used to wrap foods such as chimaki and dango in order to maintain freshness and quality.

(S) 35 x 45 cm
(M) 45 x 65 cm
(L) 55 x 75 cm 

Material: Washi and Kumazasa Plant (Anti-Slip Backing: Polyester)

Place of Origin: Japan

Instruction for Care: Machine wash cold in laundry net. Do not tumble dry.

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