Soap Wooden Box Set

Soap Wooden Box Set


This bar of pure soap, made entirely from natural ingredients, will lather a creamy foam that gently cleanses the skin. During the making process, the soap is repeatedly placed under hot water to obtain only the purest soap ingredients in the most concentrated form. Through this meticulous procedure, the soap achieves its minimal and sparkling white colour. Unlike other soaps, this additive-free soap is free from artificial colour and fragrances, chemicals, and preservatives ideal for washing sensitive skin as well as clothes and dishes. The lather rinses off easily yet keeps the skin moisturised and soft, which is especially important to the soap culture of Japanese people who are more prone to having delicate and thin skin.

Soap 3 x 3 x H8cm
Box 10.5 x 9.5 x H4.5cm

Soap - Vegetable fat and oil, fatty acid sodium / glycerin
Wooden box - Paulownia Wood

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