Brass Faceted Candle Holder (Long)

Brass Faceted Candle Holder (Long)


This range of brassware is produced in one of the oldest brass foundries in Japan. The foundry is based in the city of Takaoka in Toyama prefecture, an area renowned for its casting tradition that has its roots in the production of Buddhist altar fittings and sculptural crafts in the Edo period. Brassware is created using advanced casting techniques using sand moulds, after which it undergoes several finishing processes by hand to produce its refined surface. The complex and lengthy process required to craft each piece allows brass to showcase varying expressions and textures, ranging from a raw finish to a lustrous texture. Takaoka’s rich 400-year tradition has been passed down for many centuries to the production of daily tableware and homeware.

This Brass Candle Holder is crafted from solid brass with a ‘furubi’ finish. Meaning ‘old beauty’ in Japanese, this metal finishing gives the brass an antique design which over time will darken with age. It is designed in mind to hold traditional Japanese candles, however, standard candles with the appropriate fitting can also be paired to cast a warm atmosphere in the room.

Dimensions: 3.9 x 17 x H2.3cm

Material: Brass

Place of Origin: Toyama, Japan

Instructions for Care: Wipe with a soft cloth after use. Do not use with acidic foods as brass and copper products are subject to rust.  To remove rust, mix salt and vinegar in equal parts, wet cloth with the solution and apply directly on to rust. 

Caution: Do not use an abrasive sponge or wire wool as it may scratch the product.

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