Copper Glass Flower Vase

Copper Glass Flower Vase

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This copper glass flower vase is a contemporary interpretation of nineteenth century glass containers especially suited for growing cactus plants. The glass is hand cut into place and fitted into a raw copper frame that will develop a rustic patina over time. The framed glass creates an illusion of plants suspended in air, from bud to root. The lower container of this two-part vase is filled with water, exposing the detail and intricacy of the submerged roots. Unlike a regular planter, no soil is needed and can be used for dried flowers.

S 8 x W8 x H16cm
M 8 x W8 x H20cm
L 8 x W8 x H24cm

Material: Copper and Glass

Place of Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Instructions for Care: Trim the roots before placing the plant in the upper container and fill the lower container with water. Plant nutrition should be added to the water. Please wash and dry well after use and remove excess fibres with brushes.

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