Copper Glass Terrarium Vase

Copper Glass Terrarium Vase

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This copper glass terrarium vase is designed for growing and displaying cacti and other succulent plants. It is crafted with a raw copper trellis and fitted glass, in a two-part structure with a detachable lower half that can be filled with water. This design creates the illusion of the plant in suspension, exposing the intricate roots for observation which over time will grow along with the rustic patina of the copper. This terrarium vase is easy to care for and it can also be used as an elegant display for dried flowers.

S 8 x W8 x H16cm
M 8 x W8 x H20cm
L 8 x W8 x H24cm

Material: Copper and Glass

Place of Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Instructions for Use:

  • Take the cactus plant and gently wash away the soil attached to the roots with water. Be careful not to damage the roots as this may cause the plant to rot. 

  • After the soil is completely removed, cut away the roots so as to leave 2-3mm length of the root attached to the base.

  • Leave the roots to dry completely (this may generally take 1-2 days or more depending on the season).

  • Place the plant in the centre of the upper container.

  • Pour tap water in the lower container, making sure to keep the water level regulated and allow a fraction of the cut roots to submerge. Do not submerge the main body in the water as this will cause the plant to rot. 

  • Place the plant in an area with adequate exposure to sunlight.

  • The water should be changed frequently until the plant is hydroponically stable and the roots are grown. Once the roots are grown, the water should be changed once a month.

How to Clean:

  • To remove mildew from the roots during the plant’s growth, gently wash it away with tap water and wipe it off with a cotton swab sprayed with a natural antibacterial spray. 

  • For mildew prevention, it is recommended to place charcoal or add silicic acid to the bottom of the water. This will naturally purify the water and require less frequent changing of the water.


Due to the fragile nature of the material, please handle with care. Avoid subjecting the product to sudden temperature changes as it may cause the glass to crack or break. 

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