Hiba Wood Basket

Hiba Wood Basket


The Hiba is a slow-growing, long lived cypress tree that is native to northern Japan’s Aomori prefecture. It is one of the three largest tree species of the Japanese cypress family, alongside the Hinoki and Sugi. Hiba trees take up to 300 years to grow into a highly durable tree with a natural resistance to mildew growth. Hiba wood has been highly valued as a building material in traditional Japanese architecture.

The Hiba Wood Basket is a rounded, shallow basket made from natural Hiba wood. It is meticulously handwoven by skilled craftsmen using thinly sliced pieces of hiba. You can enjoy the naturally lustrous white surface and aging process of the wood, where over time it will shift to a rich amber hue. This versatile basket is ideal for everyday storage.

Dimensions: Ø25 x H10cm

Material: Hiba Wood

Place of Origin: Aomori, Japan

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