Wooden Flower Vase (Kinuta)

Wooden Flower Vase (Kinuta)


This series of small wooden flower vases is crafted from Japanese maple wood. The designs are inspired by shapes found in traditional pottery design and each form features an elegant curvature which highlights the unique grain patterns of the native wood. The wooden surface is coated with urushi lacquer to prevent stains and scratches. These flower vases are available in six designs including Tsurukubi (Crane’s Neck), Natsume, Tokuri, Kinegata, Kinuta and Uzukumaru.

Kinuta: Wooden Block for Beating Clothes

Dimensions: Ø3.2 x H4.2cm (bottom Ø2.5, vent Ø0.5)

Material: Maple Wood

Place of Origin: Hokkaido, Japan

Instructions for Care:
This range of wooden vases is only designed to hold small flowers and it is not recommended to put water inside the vase itself.

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