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In the spirit of tradition, Horiguchi Kiriko respects the intrinsic beauty of glass.

The history of Edo Kiriko began in the late Edo period, when Kyubei Kagaya originated the use of garnet powder and emery to cut and sculpt glass. Since then, it has developed into a beautiful and sophisticated craft. The distinctive appearance is created using clear colours and delicate patterns hand cut into crystal-glass. Edo Kiriko was designated a traditional Japanese craft in 2002. 

Toru Horiguchi preserves designs handed down from the Edo period, while creating new pieces with a more contemporary aesthetic for modern everyday life. His aims are to stay true to the craft's values while innovating it for the next generation of Kiriko glass craftsmen. 

As a third generation master craftsman in the Edo Kiriko tradition, Toru Horiguchi comes from a family of Edo Kiriko craftsmen that stems back to his grandfather’s generation.

In 1921 Ichio Horiguchi trained under the Edo Kiriko master Kobayashi and became the first glass craftsman to receive the title of 'Shuseki.' His grandson, Toru Horiguchi continued in his grandfather's steps by becoming the third Shuseki after training under the second Shuseki, Tomio Suda in 1999.

Edo Kiriko Glass (Bamboo) (S)
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