Father's Day Gift Guide



With half the year almost behind us, let’s take a step back this Father’s Day to share a special moment with our fathers. Chichi-no-hi (父の日) is celebrated annually in Japan on the same day as Britain. The Japanese phrase “お父さん、いつもありがとう” is often expressed in writing or via gifts to express gratitude for their daily hard work. This year, we have carefully selected a range of stylish Japanese gifts to help compliment a relaxing time for the overworked and underappreciated dad.  

Japanese Blue Steel Kitchen Knife

Japanese knives are a work of beauty. Prized by the top culinary masters in the world, Japanese knives are heralded for their precision, artisan craftsmanship and long-life. A well-made knife is an essential item for a chef in the kitchen, so we recommend the range of highly versatile Japanese Blue Steel Knives.  

Knife Care

A work of beauty also requires daily care and maintenance. Japanese knives are no exception, so these items will surely provide premium care to ensure long-lasting use and point-precision.

Accessories for Dad

We also have classic items covered for you to suit every dad (but not without its Japanese twist, of course). We recommend our range of brass bottle openers made in one of the oldest brass foundries in Japan, a classic folding knife traditionally used by Japanese carpenters and a playful whale knife to spark the inner child in him.