Mother's Day Gift Guide



With Mother’s Day fast approaching this Sunday on the 31st of March, we have carefully curated a selection of gifts to help celebrate this annual day dedicated to mothers, grandmothers and all of the special women in our lives.


In Japan, Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May.

While there is no Japanese equivalent to the phrase “Happy Mother’s Day”, the Japanese typically show their token of gratitude with a gift of flowers, such as carnations or roses which symbolises the mothers’ purity sweetness and endurance. Traditionally, the Japanese are not known for expressing their feelings,
so the simple delivery of the words “Okasan arigatou” carries great weight and meaning, implying ‘Thank you for everything, mum’.

Made with love and care

The range of Mother’s Day gifts reflect the beauty and purity of simple design.
For that special someone in your life, these are sure to bring enduring elegance and joy to the home or the kitchen.

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