Cast Iron Kettle (L)

Cast Iron Kettle (L)


Handmade in the Iwate prefecture, an area renown for its history in cast iron craft of over nine hundred years, this kettle is a beautiful rendition of the traditional cast iron Testubin kettle that would have hung over the indoor open fire. Made entirely out of cast iron, this kettle is safe to use on any hob, including induction. Boiling water in cast iron is said to mellow the flavour, making it the perfect kettle for bringing out the subtleties in delicate teas, as well as removing the bitterness in stronger, harsher teas.

Dimensions: Ø20 x H10cm (with handle H18cm)

Volume: 1.5L

Material: Cast Iron

Place of Origin: Iwate Prefecture, Japan

Instructions for Care:
Hand-wash with water and dry thoroughly after each use.  A slight film will appear inside the after usage due to natural oxidisation. This is completely safe and part of the seasoning process.  We recommend using your kettle every day in the first month to build up this film which will protect the material from rust and maximise your kettle's lifespan.

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