Donabe Rice Clay Pot (S)

Donabe Rice Clay Pot (S)


Made from clay and glaze native to the Iga region, Iga-yaki is one of Japan’s most renowned traditional ceramics. With ashed clay originating from the bottom of Lake Biwa, the clay pot holds high absorbency and heat retention properties. The thick-walled pot continues to cook the food inside for up to 20 minutes after it has been taken off the stove or out of the oven. Traditionally used for steaming rice, it can also be used for making slow cooked stews, tajines, and other dishes.

The 'Donabe Clay Pot' comes with a clay trivet and wooden spatula.

Dimensions: 24 x W30 xH18cm

Volume: 1.5L, 3 rice cups

Material: Porous Clay from Iga

Place of Origin: Iga, Japan

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