Donabe Steamer Clay Pot

Donabe Steamer Clay Pot


The Donabe is a traditional earthenware clay pot made for slow-cooking. These one-of-a-kind pots are handmade from locally sourced clay and signature green ‘bidoro’ glaze from the Iga region in Mie prefecture. The clay is highly porous and resistant to heat by nature, making the pots very durable with even heat distribution properties and high absorbency. The Donabe has long been beloved in Japanese households for its simplicity of form and practicality. It is characterized by its rugged imperfection and rustic “ear" lugs (katamimi), and the ‘bidoro’ glaze give the pots a glass-like texture and earthy tone that is specific to earthenware made from the region.

As a pot used for everyday cooking, the Donabe is ideal for making one-pot dishes such as hot pots, shabu-shabu, stews, tajines or cooking rice. It is typically enjoyed as a centrepiece of the dining table that brings families and friends together for an intimate meal. The contemporary range of donabe clay pots are well adapted to be suitable for the modern kitchen and it is a versatile cookware for making a wide array of Western style dishes.

The Donabe Steamer Pot is an all-purpose clay pot which is ideal for steaming food and preparing one-pot dishes. This design is a contemporary take on the traditional Donabe clay pot, with a wider and shallow body that is suitable for making simple and easy dishes to share with the whole family.
This pot comes with a detachable ceramic steam gate that can be removed to be used as a classic Donabe pot. This pot is suitable for use on a gas hob or oven.

Dimensions: Ø31 x H20cm (with handle L37cm)

Volume: 3L

Portion: 3 to 5 People

Material: Porous Clay from Iga

Place of Origin: Iga, Japan

Seasoning | Before First Use

The donabe requires seasoning (called ‘medome’) before first use. To season the clay pots, first cook Omoyu, or rice porridge. The rice starch formed when cooking rice porridge will fill the pores of the clay and prevent the absorption of water, allowing for long-lasting use and durability. Prepare rice in a bowl by running it under cold water and rinse the rice together until the rice water is formed. Bring to boil on medium heat and cook the porridge for 20 minutes. Let it cool for 1 hour. Discard the porridge and rinse the pot with water. Dry with a clean cloth and allow the pot to air dry completely before first use. When fine cracks start to appear on the surface or if there is any leakage, it is recommended to repeat the seasoning process.

Instructions for Care

After use, gently hand wash in lukewarm water using mild soap and a natural-bristled brush such as a tawashi. Dry well after each use and remove any excess moisture with a clean, dry cloth and leave it flipped upside down overnight. Store in a cool, dry place to prevent mildew growth.

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