Japanese Copper Grater (M)

Japanese Copper Grater (M)


This copper grater is perfect for grating ginger, wasabi and garlic. Before the grater is cut into its traditional shape, the copper is plated with pewter. Each little teeth are cut and raised with hammer and chisel. Long used in Japan to grate daikon radish and wasabi, the grated paste is not pressed through holes but instead remains on the surface of the grater.

Dimensions: 8.3 x 11cm

Material: Tin Plated Copper

Place of Origin: Osaka, Japan

Instruction for Care: Hand-wash with warm soapy water only. The colour will get darker and develop a rich patina over time. Copper products are subject to rust when in contact with acidic foods. Mix salt and vinegar in equal parts, wet cloth with solution and apply directly onto rust to remove it.

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