Japanese Pestle and Mortar

Japanese Pestle and Mortar


The Japanese Pestle and Mortar is a classic culinary tool that is used for grinding sesame seeds and spices. It features a mortar (Suribachi) produced from the renowned pottery-making region of Iga in Mie prefecture and a pestle (Surikogi) carved from locally-sourced Sansho (Japanese Pepper Tree) wood. The Sansho wood is traditionally used for pestles as it prevents the clay ridges of the mortar from wearing down, while also adding a touch of flavour to the ground material. The unglazed interior of the mortar features a combed pattern, which results in a fine grind of an even consistency.

Dimensions: Mortar Ø15 x H6cm, Pestle L16.5cm 

Material: Ochre Clay and Japanese Pepper Tree

Place of Origin: Iga, Japan

Instruction for Care: Wash with mild detergent using a tawashi. Dry completely and store in a well-ventilated area. Do not use in a microwave or oven.

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