Kaikado Tea Caddy (Brass)

Kaikado Tea Caddy (Brass)

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Founded in 1875, Kaikado is the world’s oldest handmade tea caddy maker. Now in its sixth-generation of ownership, Kaikado’s heritage is rich in family history and tradition as its design and craft have remained unchanged to this day. Its double walled design retains the flavour and quality of freshly picked tealeaves as well as coffee beans, herbs and spices. Each tea caddy is hand built to last generations of use and will develop a rich patina over time.

S (40g) 6.5 x H 6.5cm
M (120g) 7.8 x H 8.1cm
L (200g) 9.2 x H 13.6cm

Material: Brass Lined with Tin

Place of Origin: Kyoto, Japan

Instructions for Care:
Please do not wash the caddy. If you should get water on it, wipe it off and gently rub with a soft dry cloth to avoid moisture spots. It is important to lift the lid softly from the body in order to prevent any possibility of damage. When the joint line of the lid and body is adjusted, the lid slides down to prevent air from entering the caddy.

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