Kaikado Tea Caddy (Brass)

Kaikado Tea Caddy (Brass)

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Kaikado is the oldest producer of handmade tin tea caddies since 1875. The Kyoto-based maker innovated the traditional craft during the early Meiji period, at a time when earthenware jars were still in common use for storing tea leaves. Today, Kaikado is renowned for their timeless design and traditional craftsmanship, which remains unchanged and in keeping with the heritage values originated by founder Kiyosuke Kaikado. 

Kaikado’s Chazutsu “茶筒” iconic tea caddy is crafted in a range of tin, brass, copper and silver - all of which are uncoated to bring out their best features. Each piece is meticulously hand made with up to 140 processes, which involves crafting a double wall construction to ensure the preservation of freshly picked tea leaves. Kaikado’s tea caddies are crafted to last a lifetime and one can appreciate the changing facade of the tea caddy over time, which will turn from a lustrous tint to a warm leathery patina through everyday use. Each tea caddy is engraved with Kaikado’s unique seal which should be aligned when closing the lid to ensure airtightness. These tea caddies can also be used to store other food items such as biscuits, coffee, pasta and spices.

Note: Please note that these tea caddies are delicate items which are individually handmade. Each caddy is hand sealed with the Kaikado House Paper to prevent the metal from oxidising. For returns and exchanges, the metal must not have any fingerprints on the surface and must include all original Kaikado House paper wrappings during your return.

S (40g) 6.5 x H 6.5cm
M (120g) 7.8 x H 8.1cm
L (200g) 9.2 x H 13.6cm

Material: Brass Lined with Tin

Place of Origin: Kyoto, Japan

Instructions for Care:
Do not wash the caddy.
Wipe off any water with a soft dry cloth and gently rub the tea caddy to avoid moisture spots. 
When closing the caddy, please ensure that the seal is aligned to prevent moisture from entering the caddy.

Do not place the caddy in extremely cold temperatures as it is susceptible to moisture and humidity.

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