Nakari Knife (Kamagata / Slicer)

Nakari Knife (Kamagata / Slicer)


This nakiri knife is a lightweight, Japanese-style knife used for chopping vegetables. Its sharp, double-sided blade allows for clean and even cuts without having to slice the ingredients multiple times. Ideal for prepping all types of vegetables, this knife is popular amongst both professionals and beginners. Originating from the usuba knife (薄刃包丁), nakiri knives have been adapted for everyday use.

The knife is made from blue steel, which is carbon steel that has been purified and alloyed with chromium and tungsten. This ensures longer edge-life and toughness of the blade. Blue steel blades are often favoured over stainless steel by culinary professionals because of their agility and sharpness. It will develop a metallic patina over time as a result of the owner’s particular touch and use.

Kamagata (鎌型) is a 'sickle-shaped' nakiri knife, which has a spine that curves down to the tip of the blade. While this style allows for intricate cuts and details, the tip is delicate and may break off.

Dimensions: 30.5cm (Blade 16.5cm)

Material: Blade - Blue Steel, Handle - Japanese white-bark magnolia

Place of Origin: Japan

Instructions for Care: Hand-wash with warm soapy water only and do not leave to soak. Please clean after each use, and wipe thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth to prevent rusting. Ensure that the blade and handle are not loose. Do not place in the dishwasher or oven.The knife will become unusable if it comes in contact with direct heat. Wooden chopping boards are recommended in order to maintain the quality of the blade. Please use a proper whetstone to sharpen the knife.

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