Paulownia Tea Caddy (L)

Paulownia Tea Caddy (L)


This traditional tea caddy is crafted from a single piece of Kiri “桐” (Paulownia wood). Kiri has long been used throughout the centuries in Japanese culture to store precious items such as kimonos and valuable crafts. The wood is finished with urushi lacquer, a sap extracted from urushi trees that highlights the natural grain and provides a protective seal for durability. This light, fine-grained wood is naturally resistant to humidity and moisture, with excellent airtightness that makes it ideal for preserving the natural flavour of freshly picked tea leaves. This versatile tea caddy can be used to store other items such as coffee and dry spices.

Dimensions: Ø8.4 x H13.5cm

Material: Paulownia Wood (Kiri Wood)

Place of Origin: Japan

Instructions for Care: Wipe with a clean, damp cloth.

Caution: Do not wash the product as it may cause deformation and mold.

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