Hand Carved Walnut Cup and Plate

Hand Carved Walnut Cup and Plate

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This fuki-urushi lacquered cup and plate is hand cut and finished in a small workshop in Asahikawa. Made with dark, fine-grained walnut; each cup and plate is faceted and lacquered by hand. Urushi is a natural lacquer made from the sap of Japanese sumac, which has been in use circa 7000 BC in Japan. Traditionally used as a finish to seal and waterproof wooden sake and tea ceremony cups, ramen bowls, and platters; urushi is prized for its durability and beauty. This cup and plate is perfect for the daily tea ritual and is particularly suited to green teas.

Cup Ø8.2cm x H6.2cm
Plate Ø11.5cm x H1.7cm

Material: Oiled Solid Walnut Wood

Place of Origin: Hokkaido, Japan

Instruction for Care: Hand-wash with warm soapy water only and do not leave to soak.

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