Hinoki Bath Stool (S) (Pre-Order)

Hinoki Bath Stool (S) (Pre-Order)


This traditional bath stool is used before entering the water as bathers cleanse and rinse their bodies and can be found in Onsen hot springs all around Japan. Hinoki is a native species of trees and can only be grown in Japan. Often referred to as Japanese cedar, the wood has an organic lemon-scented aroma. Naturally resistant to mold, the wood is suitable for wet environments such as the bathroom at home or the sauna.

Dimensions: 29 x 18 x H20.5cm

Material: Hinoki Wood

Place of Origin: Tochigi, Japan

Instruction for Care: Hand-wash only and do not leave to soak. Hinoki wood products are subject to expansion and contraction. Store in a location where the temperature is not too variable.

(Pre-Order for Delivery in March 2018)

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