Japanese Tosaka Broom (Pre-Order)

Japanese Tosaka Broom (Pre-Order)


Tosaka (鶏冠), the Japanese word for crest, describes how the shape of the broom-head has been bound. Japanese Tosaka brooms are hand-bound in the Kanagawa prefecture made from fine matted shuro fibres (Japanese hemp palm). The shuro palm fibre is firm yet soft enough to dust delicate furniture as well as floors and is thought to contain natural oils beneficial to wooden surfaces. Hand-stitched and bound with linen thread and copper wire around a curved rattan cane shaped like an umbrella handle, this broom can be hung anywhere, which allows the brush fibres to retain their shape.

Dimensions: 20 x H85cm

Material: Hemp Palm, Copper Wire, Rattan Handle

Place of Origin: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

(Pre-Order for Delivery at the end of March 2018)

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