Wooden Flower Vase (Uzukumaru) (Pre-Order)

Wooden Flower Vase (Uzukumaru) (Pre-Order)


This wooden flower vase series is from Hokkaido. In the Japanese tradition of flower arrangement, flowers of the season are put in a specially selected vase and these miniature vases offer a sense of the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Each vase is designed after one of six types of the classical Japanese flower vases. The wood is individually selected for its unique grain patterns and handcrafted using a wooden lathe and freehand tools. Each piece is treated with Japanese urethane coating once it has been polished.

Uzukumaru: Crouching

Dimensions: Ø3.3 x H3.8cm (bottom Ø2.4, vent Ø0.8)

Material: Maple Wood

Place of Origin: Hokkaido, Japan

Instructions for Care: Hand-wash with warm soapy water only and do not leave to soak.

(Please note this product is now sold out, pre-order now for delivery in end of April 2017)

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