Black Ceramic Teapot with Ring Handle (L)

Black Ceramic Teapot with Ring Handle (L)


This black ceramic teapot with a ring handle, also known as ushirode kyusu (後手急須), is ideal for brewing loose leaf tea. The fine mesh inside the spout filters the tea leaves when pouring. This teapot is made in Tokoname, home to one of the six ancient kilns of Japan along with Seto, Bizen, Tamba, Shigara and Echizen and a city renowned for its Tokoname-yaki ceramicware since the 12th century.

The flat teapot is ideal for preparing low temperature tea such as Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea, enhancing its rich and umami flavour.

Dimensions: 17.7 x W12 x H7cm

Volume: 350ml

Material: Black Ceramic

Place of Origin: Tokoname, Japan

Instructions for Care: Hand-wash is recommended

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