Black Ceramic Gyokuro Teapot

Black Ceramic Gyokuro Teapot


Arita-yaki (有田焼) originates from the small town of Arita in Saga prefecture, Kyushu, which is known as the birthplace of Japanese porcelain. This teapot is known as Hohin (宝瓶), which means 'teapot with no handle’. The flat shape allows the tealeaves to spread slowly and is specifically intended for brewing the highest grade of green tea; gyokuro. Without the lid, the teapot can be used for serving light snacks and side dishes.

Dimensions: Ø14 × H6cm

Place of Origin: Arita, Japan

Instructions for Care: Hand-wash with warm soapy water only and do not leave to soak. Do not use on any hobs, in the microwave, or oven. Before the first use, boil the inner surface with rice gruel for 30 minutes in order to fill the gaps of the clay. If the texture of the foot is rough, use tablecloths or mats to prevent scratches on furniture. Handle with care at all times and do not use if it is chipped or cracked.

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