Edo Kiriko (Kai Series)

Edo Kiriko (Kai Series)

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Edo Kiriko is a Japanese cut glass tradition, which started in 1834 during the Edo period. Its distinctive appearance is created using clear colours and delicate patterns cut into glass. Glass cutters today preserve its traditional 200-year old glass designs as well as creating new pieces with a contemporary aesthetic.  

The fine cuts in the glass catches and reflects light. A traditional Edo Kiriko pattern, the Kai series requires artisanal skills to achieve its intricate details.

Dimensions (Left to Right):
Kaku 5.7 x H5.1cm
Sensuji 5.7 x H5.1cm
Nanako 5.7 x H5.1cm

Material: Crystal Glass

Place of Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Instructions for Care: Hand-Wash Only

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