Arita Ceramic Gosu Bowl (Arabesque)

Arita Ceramic Gosu Bowl (Arabesque)


Arita-yaki (有田焼) originates from the small town of Arita in Saga prefecture, Kyushu, which is known as the birthplace of Japanese porcelain. This Arita Gosu bowl is made from Amakusa porcelain stone mixed with clay. Each bowl is hand-painted with ‘Gosu', which is one of the oldest techniques for decorating porcelain.

The special pigment used for painting has an indigo blue cast, but the brushstrokes present subtle differences in colour. The glaze features natural crackles that appear on the surface once it has been fired, known as 'Kan-nyu' (貫入). The fine cracks will slowly stain over time as a result of the owner’s particular touch and use, adding character to the bowl.

Dimensions: Ø11 x H7cm

Material: Semi-Porcelain

Place of Origin: Arita, Japan

Instruction for Care: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

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