Bamboo Tea Bowl with Whisk and Ladle

Bamboo Tea Bowl with Whisk and Ladle

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Made from a whole knot of bamboo, each bowl is slightly different from the other depending on how the bamboo was grown. Preparation and consumption of matcha was formed into a ritual and brought into Japan by 1191. Chanoyu (抹茶), the Japanese tea ceremony, still emphasises the meditative and reflective qualities of drinking matcha. The bamboo ladle is used to place two scoopfuls of matcha powder into the bowl. The bamboo whisk, chasen (茶筅), is used to mix the matcha powder with hot water to a fine froth.

Tea Bowl Ø12 x H8cm
Tea Whisk Ø6 x H11cm
Tea Ladle 1.2cm x 18.5cm
Oak Tray 15 x 13.5 x H1.3 cm

Material: Bamboo, Oak (Coated in Walnut Oil)

Place of Origin: Kyoto, Japan / Ishikawa, Japan

Instruction for Care:
Hand-wash only.
Rinse with warm water and dry it thoroughly.

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