Black Ceramic Gyokuro Teapot

Black Ceramic Gyokuro Teapot


The Black Ceramic Gyokuro Teapot is a flat-shaped Kyusu teapot specially designed for brewing Gyokuro tea. The Hohin (宝瓶) which literally translates to “treasure vessel”, refers to a type of teapot without a handle and it is used to brew the highest grade of green tea. Gyokuro is typically brewed under low temperatures, so the teapot does not require a handle as it can be held by placing the thumb over the top of the teapot. The flat shape is designed to give the loose tea leaves ample room to expand and steep freely against the unglazed clay, resulting in maximum flavour and a rich aroma.

Dimensions: Ø14 × H6cm

Material: Black Clay

Place of Origin: Arita, Japan

Before First Use:
Rinse the teapot with water before first use to remove residual clay and dirt.

Instructions for Care:
To remove the used tea leaves inside the built-in strainer, gently scrub away using a small brush.
Wash with water and dry well after each use.
Store in a well-ventilated area after air drying.

Do not wash with washing detergent or put in a dishwasher.
Do not scrub the inside of the teapot with an abrasive brush as this may permanently scratch the teapot.
Do not use as a stove-top kettle.
Handle with care and avoid burns as the teapot becomes extremely hot.

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