Brass Butter Knife

Brass Butter Knife


The Brass Butter Knife is produced in a renowned brass foundry in the city of Takaoka in Toyama prefecture. Its casting tradition stems back to the 17th century and its metal industry is traditionally rooted in the production of Buddhist sculptures. The city specialises in a wide range of metal casting techniques including copper, brass, and bronze. Its rich tradition has been passed down for many centuries to the production of daily tableware and interior products. 

This Brass Butter Knife is composed of a stainless steel blade and riveted brass handle. The blade is designed with a thin tip, making it easy to use for cutting, scraping and spreading butter. The rich lustre of the brass handle will fade with use to reveal a warm caramel-like colour over time.

Dimensions: 17.5 x 1.5cm

Material: Solid Brass Handle with Stainless Steel Blade

Place of Origin: Toyama, Japan

Instructions for Care:
Hand wash only with warm soapy water. 
After use, dry thoroughly and store in a well-ventilated area. 
Do not use with acidic foods as brass and copper products are subject to rust. To remove rust, mix salt and vinegar in equal parts, wet cloth with the solution and apply directly on to rust. 

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