Cast Iron Trivet (Round)

Cast Iron Trivet (Round)


Nambu Tekki is a traditional Japanese ironware founded in the Iwate prefecture of the Tohoku region. The origin of the Nambu Tekki technique can be traced back to the Edo period (1803-1868). Nambu refers to the domain where the craft was established, where the feudal clan invited craftsmen from Kyoto to develop iron tea kettles. The Nambu Tekki craft thrived in cities like Mizusawa due to the wealth of natural resources available - including iron, sand, clay and lacquer.

Nambu Tekki ironware is renowned for its durability, heat retention and austere design. The iron is subject to various processes to prevent rusting, such as baking the ironware in charcoal to create an inner oxide film and further coating the surface with urushi lacquer. The Nambu Tekki craft has officially been certified as a Traditional Craftwork of Japan and it continues to be revered for its enduring beauty and practicality. Today, a wide range of contemporary and induction compatible designs are available to suit the modern day kitchen.

This trivet is used for protecting tabletops from hot kettles and teapots. These handmade cast trivets are ideally paired with other Nambu Tekki ironware to prevent staining and damaging to surfaces. While it is designed for practical use, the elegant and intricate lines have garnered them high praise as ornamental features of the dinner table or as hanging items to accentuate walls. This trivet also features a hail-like pattern - known as arare. This is a unique feature of the Nambu Tekki craft, where the skilled craftsmen add their artistry through a labour-intensive process of making small dents with a special rod.

Dimensions: Ø14 x H2.1cm

Material: Cast Iron

Place of Origin: Iwate, Japan

Instructions for Care: Hand-wash with warm soapy water and sponge. Wipe and dry thoroughly to avoid rust.

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