Curved Flower Porcelain Plate

Curved Flower Porcelain Plate

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The Curved Flower series has been fired in a kiln, which was founded over 350 years ago in Japan's Saga prefecture. The plates are made from Amakusa porcelain stone, mined on the islands off the West Coast of Kyushu and crafted in Arita, a region historically known for ceramics. Merging contemporary design with traditional craft, these beautiful pieces are perfect for daily use.

These plates feature a curved flower design in relief as well as a ‘Fuchi-Sabi’ glaze around the rims, adding a subtle rust-coloured frame.The flower detail on the surface is accentuated when sauce is poured and seeped into the depth of the subtle grooves.

SS Ø9.3 x H1.5cm
M  Ø18.2 x H3cm

Material: Amakusa Porcelain Stone

Place of Origin: Arita, Japan

Instruction for Care: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

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