Hasami Porcelain Mug (Black) (M)

Hasami Porcelain Mug (Black) (M)


Hasami Porcelain is produced in the leading pottery district in Nagasaki prefecture. Their production is deeply rooted in the rich pottery-making tradition of Hasami, a historic village whose ceramic history spans over 400 years. Hasami Porcelain melds tradition with modern design - through its emphasis on aesthetically clean lines, a matte texture and a traditional glazing technique which blends locally sourced crushed stones with clay to give a natural feel.

Hasami Porcelain’s collection takes its concept from the jubako (meaning “stacked boxes"), a tiered lacquerware used throughout the centuries in ceremonial functions and celebratory meals. Taking its inspiration from the modular, stackable forms of jubako, each component is multifunctional - whether it be the lids that can double as coasters or plates that can be repurposed as trays.

All Hasami products are made with a set dimension to ensure easy storage and beauty of harmony, making it ideal for the modern home with limited space.

Mug Ø8.5 x 8.9cm

Material: Porcelain Mixed with Clay

Place of Origin: Hasami, Japan

Instructions for Care:
Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

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