Hasami Porcelain Plate (Clear)

Hasami Porcelain Plate (Clear)

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Made in Hasami, Nagasaki a region renowned for its ceramicware, this range is inspired by traditional Japanese stacking containers "jubako" used for storing and serving food. This unique blend of porcelain and clay native to Hasami results in a robust and stainproof ceramic. The textured finish lies between rustic earthenware and smooth porcelain, which is only achievable through the specialty firing of the Hasami region. Designed to work as a set, each piece is stackable and can be neatly sorted away, making it suitable for any household.

M Ø18.5 x 2.1cm
L Ø22 x 2.1cm
XL Ø25.5 x 2.1cm

Material: Porcelain Mixed with Clay

Place of Origin: Hasami, Japan

Instructions for Care: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

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