Iga Ceramic Hexagon Cup (Grey)

Iga Ceramic Hexagon Cup (Grey)


Iga-yaki is produced in the historic pottery-making region of Iga in Mie prefecture. The city of Iga is home to one of the oldest kiln sites in the world and its rich pottery tradition spans more than 1200 years, with first works traced back to the Nara period. Iga-yaki is famed for its unrefined beauty that combines the earthy features of locally-sourced natural materials with the individual artistry of the Iga craftsmen. Iga clay is mined from the bottom of Lake Biwa and it is characterised by its mineral rich body and durability to high temperatures. Iga-yaki is fired repeatedly over multiple days using native red pine as kiln fuel. During the firing process, small crack-like patterns appear on the surface and the ashes formed in the kiln meld on to the pots. The result is a natural glaze consisting of a signature green hue with a glass-like texture. The pieces in the collection are hand turned on the pottery wheel, giving each piece a subtle charm that is unique to the craftsman.

Please note as each piece is hand-made, slight variation in shape and glazing may occur.

Glaze Colour: Grey

Dimensions: Ø9.9 x H7cm

Material: Porous Clay from Iga

Place of Origin: Iga, Japan

Seasoning Method: For long lasting use, a process called medome ‘目止め‘ (seasoning) is recommended before first use. To season the ceramic ware, first cook Omoyu, or rice porridge (alternatively, mix flour or cornstarch flour in water). The rice starch formed when cooking rice porridge will fill the highly porous clay and prevent liquid leakage, and the absorption of dirt and odors. Put the ceramic ware in the pot filled with rice water and boil for 10 minutes. Wipe off the starch and let it air dry. After drying, wash well and leave to dry.

Instructions for Care: Wash after each use and dry well before storing.

Caution: Do not wash in dishwasher. Do not leave soy sauce and any other dark liquids inside the ceramic ware for long periods of time.

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