Sencha - Japanese Green Tea

Sencha - Japanese Green Tea


Sencha is a type of ryokucha (green tea) made from harvesting high grade tea leaves which are steamed, dried and rolled. Sencha tea leaves are grown under exposure to direct sunlight, resulting in a tea that is nutrient-rich with vitamin C and antioxidants. Sencha boasts a unique flavour which consists of a rich blend of sweetness, umami flavour and refined astringency. Depending on the type of brewing method, you can enjoy various layers of flavours present in the tea to suit your tasting preference.

Japanese green tea culture is historically rooted in Buddhist philosophy when it was first introduced by Buddhist monks in 700AC. Unlike other common types of teas, Japanese green tea is uniquely different as the tea leaves are steamed, dried and rolled immediately after harvesting to prevent oxidation. This process gives them their distinct needle-like shape, as well as their earthy, aromatic and nutrient-rich flavour, .

Ippodo has been cultivating premium Japanese green teas in the ancient city of Kyoto since 1717. The Uji region is home to one of the oldest and finest tea fields in Japan, and Ippodo’s range of green teas are made from high quality tea leaves which are handpicked by expert tea growers. Steeped in history, Ippodo remains one of Kyoto’s most established tea specialists, and they continue to offer the unique green tea making experience with their selection of umami-filled and full-bodied green teas.

Size: 100g Loose Tea Leaves

Dimensions: 7 x 4 x H17.5cm

Material: Japanese Green Tea

Place of Origin: Kyoto, Japan

Brewing Method

  • Temperature: 80°C

  • Brew Time: 1 minute

  • Amount: 10g / 210 ml

  • Boil water and let it sit until water cools down to desired temperature. Pour water and let it brew. Do not shake the teapot while brewing, as this may bring out unwanted bitterness. Can be brewed up to three times for full flavour.

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