Japanese Lacquered Plate

Japanese Lacquered Plate

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A traditional Japanese lacquerware (漆器) made from horse chestnut wood in the Ishikawa prefecture, this plate emulates the craftsmanship of Prehistoric Japan. When a lacquered comb that dated back to the Jomon period (縄文時代) was excavated in near-perfect condition around 6,000 years after it was made, the strength and durability of lacquerware became evident. Using the same dark, rich lacquer on the plate as the one found on the comb, its colour will begin to develop a distinctive sheen over time. Wooden lacquerware keeps food warm for long, and can be easily fixed when damaged or cracked with use.

S Ø21cm x H1.5cm
L Ø33cm x H1.5cm

Material: Japanese Horse Chestnut (Lacquered)

Place of Origin: Ishikawa, Japan

Instruction for Care: Hand wash with warm soapy water only and do not leave to soak.

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