Kami Container (L)

Kami Container (L)


This range of wooden tableware is produced in Hokkaido’s Asahikawa region. Asahikawa is a major centre for woodwork in Japan, due to the rich abundance of oak forests and surrounding nature that shapes the local culture. Since the Meiji period, the woodworking workshops in the region have been leading producers of furniture and wood handicraft. The local industry is renowned for its sustainability practices, and special care is given to maintain the forested land. Each timber is carefully selected and only a necessary amount of trees are harvested for production to protect Hokkaido’s forest ecosystem.

This series of tableware is crafted from a variety of native Hokkaido’s native trees using a highly specialized lathe and woodturning technique that has been passed down for generations. The felled lumber is dried and cured over a period of several years, where it is processed through tempering before being carved to a thinness of a piece of paper to achieve its uniquely lightweight design. The result is an exceptionally smooth and lightweight finish that brings out the natural warmth of Hokkaido’s high-quality wood.

This Kami Container is crafted from Hokkaido’s native sen (Castor Aralia) tree. Each piece is carefully carved from a solid piece of wood with a special blade to achieve its near impossible 2mm thinness that gives an airy lightness of touch.

Dimensions: Ø8.8 x H6.6cm

Material: Castor Aralia Wood (Japanese Horse Chestnut)

Place of Origin: Hokkaido, Japan

Instructions for Care: Hand wash with a soft sponge and mild detergent after each use.

Do not leave dark liquids inside the product for prolonged periods of time as the material may stain.
Beware of burns as the material is not conducive to heat.
Do not use in microwave or an oven.

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