Kaoru Ceramic Bowl (S)

Kaoru Ceramic Bowl (S)


The Kaoru Ceramic Bowl is a type of rice bowl that is produced in the renowned porcelain-making region of Imari in Saga prefecture. Imari is famed for its production of a type of porcelainware called Arita-yaki. These bowls are fired in a 400-year-old kiln and feature Arita-yaki’s signature white porcelain body, which is crafted from locally-sourced porcelain stone. Another unique feature of Arita-yaki is the ‘Gosu’ (“呉須”), a blue-green pigment which can be seen in the understated brushstroke. This timeless design is versatile and ideal for serving a wide range of western and non-western dishes.

Dimensions: Ø16 x H7cm

Material: Amakusa Porcelain Stone

Place of Origin: Arita, Japan

Instructions for Care: Hand Wash Recommended

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