Mizuno Porcelain Plate (Petal)

Mizuno Porcelain Plate (Petal)


The Mizuno Flower range of tableware blends traditional porcelain-making techniques with function for the modern table. These one-of-a-kind pieces are hand thrown on the pottery wheel before being shaped by an old pottery forming technique called ‘katauchi’ - a form of drape moulding which requires precise hand throwing skills. The clay sourced from the mountains of Tobe-cho in Ehime prefecture gives the ceramic body a distinct, ‘gentle white’ colour that emanates a soft ambience on to the dining table.

This series ‘kuchibeni’ (meaning lipstick) takes its name from the unique design of the painted rims, a style of painting in pottery called ‘fuchi sabi’. Following the contours of the white porcelain, the elegant design adds a contemporary touch to the age-old tradition of porcelain-making.

Petal (Flower)
This design is based on the classic shape of the flower. Featuring a delicate silhouette that is elevated by the fuchi-sabi, one can fully appreciate the warmth of the delicate ‘katauchi’ craft in this design.

Dimensions: Ø13 x H2.5cm

Material: Porcelain

Place of Origin: Ehime, Japan

Instruction for Care: Hand Wash Recommended

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