Porcelain Sake Cup (Hosomi)

Porcelain Sake Cup (Hosomi)


Arita Porcelain is produced in the small village of Arita in Saga prefecture. The region is known as the birthplace of porcelainware in Japan, and the contemporary range of tableware is fired in a local kiln founded 350 years ago. Arita Porcelain is distinguished by its translucent, natural off-white ceramic body crafted from Amakusa touseki, a porcelain stone which is mined off the local islands in the West Coast of Kyushu. Merging traditional craft with contemporary design, the range of tableware is versatile as items for everyday use or as ornamental pieces to adorn the modern table.

The Sake Vessel with stem (Hosomi) is a footed drinking cup made for drinking Japanese sake. Sake vessels made out of white porcelain are typically used for savouring delicate sakes as the porcelain body softens the flavours, resulting in a milder and more subtle taste. The narrowly-opened vessel is ideal for drinking cold sake and sparkling liquor.

Dimensions: Ø5.8 × H7.3cm

Material: Amakusa Porcelain Stone

Place of Origin: Arita, Japan

Instruction for Care: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

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