Traditional Glazed Plate (Brown)

Traditional Glazed Plate (Brown)


This series of ceramic ware is produced in the renowned porcelain-making village of Arita in Saga prefecture. The plates come in a range of glazes using the traditional colours of Japan, which are uniquely rooted in nature. The glazed surfaces display a beautiful interplay with light, revealing a subtle depth in colour. These ceramic plates are humble in size and form, making them ideal as simple items to have for everyday use.

This ceramic plate is made from a glaze called ‘Ame’ (飴) which means ‘candy’ in Japanese. The name is inspired by the glossy and translucent surface of the glaze, which resembles traditional Japanese candy.

Colour: Brown

Dimensions: Ø14 x H2cm

Materials: Clay, Glazed

Place of Origin: Arita, Japan

Instructions for Care: Hand Wash Recommended

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